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Gabriel De La Rosa

Gabriel De La Rosa received a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Colorado College. He is currently pursuing his masters in Environmental Science and Management at the Bren School, where he plans to study how good management of natural resources can provide public access to natural spaces and maintain healthy ecosystems. Gabriel found direction through an avid interest in the outdoors, fostered through surfing, climbing, and backpacking. In outdoor recreation, he saw the consequence of human traffic on public land, and learned firsthand the importance of balancing conservation and public access to natural spaces. Gabriel plans to use his hard science background to inform his career. Early on, Gabriel studied nervous system function in the common fruit fly at the University of Washington. After realizing he had a deeper connection to environmental science, he began working at UC Davis, where he studied the effects of climate change on high alpine lakes across the entire Sierra Nevada range. Though academic research was rewarding, he wanted to directly impact real lives through his work. This led him to the Bren School, where he hopes to learn to use science to inform resource management and policy decisions. 

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