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Gavi Keyles

Gavriella Keyles most recently spent three years facilitating critical dialogue on environmental challenges between Fortune 500 companies and activists. As stakeholder engagement manager with Future 500, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, Gavriella’s work cut across sectors and issues, including climate and energy, plastic packaging, and chemical safety. Prior to joining Future 500, Gavriella launched the Solar Ambassador Program at RE-volv, empowering undergraduate students across the country to crowdfund solar panels for community-serving organizations near their universities. At the Bren School, Gavriella is specializing in Economics and Politics of the Environment with a focus in Strategic Environmental Communication and Media. Her work has consistently focused on the relationship between people and planet. After Bren, she hopes to work with regional, state or local governments, tailoring environmental policies and programs to the needs of communities. Gavriella graduated from Northwestern University’s School of Communication magna cum laude (2014). In addition to environmental work, Gavriella has a background in the performing arts and continues to seek out opportunities to combine art and environmental advocacy. 

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