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Grace Brofman

Grace graduated from Colorado College in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. As an undergraduate, she was introduced to issues of water conservation through a hydrology course that visited farmers across Southwestern Colorado. Grace also studied abroad in Thailand, where she focused on agroecology and ecosystem health. For the past several years, Grace has pursued work in the outdoors and the food industry. As the Outdoor Education Coordinator for Colorado College, she was responsible for designing and implementing leadership skills courses and worked to promote equity and inclusion in outdoor programming. Grace has also volunteered on several farms, been a cellarhand at a winery, and traveled across the country producing farm-to-table dinners. She enjoys working directly with both producers and consumers, and wants to continue to bridge that gap in future work. While at Bren, Grace plans to specialize in Water Resources Management, and is part of the Sustainable Water Markets Fellowship Program. She hopes to gain a more thorough understanding of Western water policy and best practices for watershed protection. Grace is particularly interested in exploring water management as it relates to sustainable food systems. Grace plans to use the tools she acquires from Bren to advocate for both small farmers and local watersheds.

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