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Haejin Kim

Haejin Kim is interested in electric vehicles which reduce GHG emissions. She engaged in portfolio strategy and pipeline management to develop real-time datasets to everyone access in the transport sector and the international organization. Because her focus is on transportation, she assisted least-developed countries (LDCs) to provide useful data to reduce GHG emissions in their early stage. She believed that electric vehicle provides people with a life better to commute safely and improve their welfare; therefore, her experience could be used to improve their infrastructure. Haejin knows it is important to develop her career to focus on developing the environment field, so she continues to educate herself on environment data science and analysis. She is planning to environment Project Portfolio Management by providing environmental solutions based on data science. She is currently pursuing a Master of Environmental Data Science from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in material science and engineering from Cornell University. Her thesis paper (unpublished) is Li-ion battery which is related to electric vehicles. She was born and raised in South Korea and has multiple years’ worth of work experience in her home country.

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