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Hannah Brady

Hannah Brady graduated from Northwestern University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. Upon graduation, she worked as an Air Quality Engineer in the Environmental Compliance and Permitting Group at Wenck, an environmental consulting firm located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Hannah helped companies achieve compliance with state and federal air regulations by evaluating projects and equipment for their potential to emit air pollution, preparing permit applications, and negotiating permits with state agencies on behalf of her clients. Hannah found she was most energized when assisting manufacturers that were evaluating greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint. She was reminded of what she enjoyed about her 2015 internship with Park Nicollet Health Services to identify cost-saving solutions to reduce waste at health care clinics in Minneapolis, MN and strengthened Hannah’s desire to work with companies interested in sustainability. While at Wenck, Hannah simultaneously served as the Young Professionals Committee Chair of the Air and Waste Management Association (Upper Midwest Section). In this role, she facilitated networking opportunities with environmental professionals in the public and private sectors concerned with climate change and climate resiliency. It was through these conversations that Hannah was ultimately inspired to further her career at the Bren School. Specializing in Corporate and Environmental Management and Climate and Energy, Hannah hopes to continue working with innovative and forward-thinking companies to increase sustainability, reduce carbon footprints and address climate change.

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