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Haozhe Yang

headshot of Haozhe Yang

PhD Student

Bren Hall 1324

MS, Environmental Science, Peking University, Beijing, China
BS, Environmental Science; BS, Economics

Haozhe graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor degree of Environmental Science and a double degree of Economics in 2012. In 2016, Haozhe completed his Master degree of Environmental Science at Peking University.

In the past three years, Haozhe focused on the interdisciplinary research of air quality and environmental policies. He developed emission inventories based on emission standards to estimate air pollutant emissions, used the input-output model to quantify how economic activities influence air pollution from a life cycle perspective, and applied the air quality model to simulate the air quality. Particularly, Haozhe is interested in exploring how to effectively reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions among industrial sectors. In the future, Haozhe hopes to study the industrial secotors in more detail by life cycle assessment. He also plans to use the causal inference methods to identify what factors lead to environmental pollution.

Year AdmittedĀ 

Research Areas
air pollution, climate change and life cycle assessment

Faculty Advisor
Sangwon Suh

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