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Ian Brunjes

Ian Brunjes graduated in 2014 from University of Connecticut’s School of Engineering with a degree in Computer Science. In the following six years, he developed his technical and professional expertise working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. Being deeply immersed in the tech industry, Ian has observed strong potential in its union with his long-held passion for environmentalism. From talking with startups building platforms that streamline carbon pricing, to seeing analysis of large data sets identify unexpected and disruptive patterns, these experiences have firmed his belief that the influence and impact of software can be harnessed to cultivate environmental sustainability. It is with this goal in mind, to explore how technology can be leveraged to solve environmental problems, that Ian finds himself now at the Bren school in Santa Barbara. As he undergoes the curriculum, with a particular focus on data science, GIS, and the technologies that drive modern environmental science, he works not only to make contributions to the field, but to engender a deeper fulfillment in his career. The first manifestation of these ambitions is an internship with the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. His work there with the Arctic Data Center involves communicating with scientists and using software tools to facilitate open and reproducible ecological research. Through these new experiences at UCSB and NCEAS alike, Ian seeks to discover effective strategies for applying software and computing to remedy our world’s many environmental problems.

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