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Indigo Bannister

Indigo Bannister graduated top of her class at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management & Protection. During this time, she focused on the intersection of data analysis and water conservation, completing a minor in GIS and a concentration in hydrology. She applied these interests to conduct research into water use by dairies as part of a life cycle analysis study. Upon graduating, Indigo returned to her home county to work as a conservation planning technician for Sonoma County Ag + Open Space, a land conservation agency focusing on agricultural preservation and natural lands conservation. While there, she worked on long-range planning for the agency, contributed to county-wide data and geographic analysis, and supported community relations efforts. In 2017, the community was devastated by wildfires. Indigo had firsthand experience responding to the fires and was inspired by the increased feeling of community in her hometown and the resiliency benefits of land conservation. By specializing in Conservation Planning at the Bren School, Indigo hopes to research private land conservation and stewardship opportunities, focusing on regional planning and partnerships with landowners.

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