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Jaleise Hall

Jaleise Hall, a master’s student, graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business Management with a minor in biology.  She received her degree in just three years and ended up finding a much deeper interest in the entrepreneurial and managerial aspects of the major, rather than the musical aspects.  In her Entrepreneurship class, her interest in environmental science was sparked with the help of her semester long venture assignment in which she planned, marketed, and laid out costs for a waste-diminishing product. Jaleise was guided by her professor and mentor Elizabeth Davis-Berg to enroll in an intensive Marine Invertebrate Zoology summer course at the University of Washington. During her time studying marine inverts native to the San Juan Islands, she developed a love for various strange marine worms. After doing some reading on these worms, she came across a few articles that talked about their consumption of plastics and how they help produce microplastics through their excretions. Jaleise plans to specialize in Pollution Prevention and Remediation with an Eco-Entrepreneurship focus at the Bren School in hopes to find ways to effectively prevent waste from entering our world’s oceans. 

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