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Janiece Luu

Janiece Luu graduated from the University of California, Irvine (2022) with a Bachelor of Science in Earth System Science, specializing in Hydrology and Terrestrial Ecosystems. During her time at UC Irvine, Janiece first got involved in student engagement and education by becoming a 2-year board member of the Earth System Science Club. She went on to facilitate active learning in an undergrad science course as a certified learning assistant and worked at the basic needs center to promote campus resources. Upon graduation, Janiece worked under the guidance of Crystal Cove Conservancy and CA State Parks as a natural resources intern to establish transect protocols and a long-term community project for monitoring native vegetation recovery after the Emerald Fire. From these combined experiences, Janiece developed a passion for environmental education and aims to further her interdisciplinary management skills at the Bren School. By working towards specializing in Conservation Planning and Communication focus, Janiece hopes to facilitate engaging environmental science education programs for K-12 students alongside developing conservation solutions through natural resource management.

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