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Jennifer Truong

Jennifer Truong graduated from UCLA in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. Jennifer’s passion for local Southern California ecosystems originated after visiting a former wildfire site in the Santa Monica Mountains and learning of plants which reproduce after the destruction. She continued to pursue that passion after graduation by volunteering at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County to educate visitors about urban nature. Jennifer also found her interest in geographic information systems (GIS) at UCLA. This motivated her to pursue a GIS internship with the Orange County Parks Department, where she produced maps recording the amenities available at different parks. She later earned a certificate in GIS at UCLA Extension in 2018 to further develop her cartography skills. At Bren, Jennifer specializes in Conservation Planning with an Environmental Data Science focus. She plans to combine her enthusiasm for creating maps with her interest in conservation to research ecosystem recovery after wildfires for the federal government. 

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