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Jessica Copeland

Pronouns: she/her

Jessica Copeland is fascinated by all-things animal movement and behavioral ecology. Jessica attended California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo and earned her bachelor’s degree in animal science. After working short term field positions across the West studying animals such as Cascade red foxes and seabirds, Jessica began working for the newly implemented California Statewide Bobcat Project for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). It was there that she was introduced to the idea of understanding species population on a large scale. She later began working as a Project Biologist for Caltrans, and learned about how large-scale highway projects can impact wildlife.

Jessica is interested in studying carnivores, especially bobcats, and is curious about how roads and bike lanes affect habitat connectivity and whether they use or avoid different culvert shapes under large state highways. She would also like to research how carnivores like bobcats overlap and interact with protected species, such as San Joaquin Kit Foxes.

At the Bren School, Jessica hopes to specialize in Conservation Planning to better understand the best way to manage species populations for the sake of the public.

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