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Jessica Couture

Year Admitted

Year Graduated

Research Areas
Aquaculture/mariculture, fisheries interactions, feeds, data science.

Faculty Advisor
Steve Gaines

Darcy Bradley, Roland Geyer, Ben Halpern

Dissertation Title & Abstract

Sustainable Aquaculture for a Resource Limited Future

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food sector in the world, and is expanding in an increasingly resource limited world. Promoted for being an efficient source of animal protein, aquaculture growth adds pressure to existing systems that are already highly stressed. This work focuses on how aquaculture interacts with other sectors to better understand how to produce seafood in a way that minimizes additional strain or leads to benefits. In this talk Jessica considers how to plan for aquaculture expansion into the future, aquaculture’s dependence on agricultural inputs, and interactions with wild capture fisheries.

MESM, Bren School, UC Santa Barbara
BS, Marine Biology, UC Santa Cruz

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