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Jessica Couture

MESM, Bren School, UC Santa Barbara
BS, Marine Biology, UC Santa Cruz

Jessica graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Science in marine biology and extensive experience in field ecology and marine science. Her past work has included monitoring Marine Protected Areas along the coast of California, assessing the ecological impacts of invasive species in the San Francisco Bay as well as experimental research on the reproductive timing of intertidal crabs. Specializing in Coastal Marine Resource Management, she studied fishing alternatives and community-scale aquaculture in coastal communities of Mexico for her master’s theses, earning a master’s of environmental science and management degree from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara. After graduating, Jessica worked as a data manager working on synthesis science projects and facilitating open science in research.

As a PhD student, she calls upon her background in field ecology, data science, and modeling to assess the ecological and environmental impacts of marine aquaculture. Jessica continues to be an advocate for open science and open data practices, promoting the benefits and techniques of these approaches locally and among the broader scientific community.

Year Admitted

Research Areas
Aquaculture/mariculture, fisheries interactions, feeds, data science.

Faculty Advisor
Steve Gaines

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