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Jessica Rodriguez

Pronouns: she/her

Jessica Rodriguez graduated from the University of Chicago in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. After graduation, she expanded on her undergraduate research and interned at the Coleman Lab at UChicago, funded by the National Science Foundation. There, she processed flow cytometry data to characterize the microbial populations of the Great Lakes and learned about the biogeochemical processes that affect the lakes. This background led to her interest in specializing in Water Resources Management at Bren. Additionally, Jessica’s field experience in the Sonoran Desert makes her interested in water resource scarcity and how life thrives with varying water quantities. Jessica aspires to work in conjunction with policymakers and is looking forward to learning new analytical skills and applying them to inform water laws and regulations. She also hopes to use her minor in Education to teach environmental topics to the younger generation and communicate the importance in maintaining and respecting our resources.

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