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Jon Hart

Jonathan Hart graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2011 with a degree in Business Economics. While working for Vail Resorts in Lake Tahoe, CA he had a firsthand view of how climate change is affecting the forests that are central to the health of the local economy and surrounding ecosystems. These observations led him to pursue volunteer work for several projects in the area of forest conservation including the utilization of genetics to help combat invasive species and illegal timber logging. In 2018, Jonathan continued his pursuits in the environmental field by completing an advanced certificate in GIS with a concentration in environmental analysis from San Francisco State University. His most recent work as a GIS professional supported land use planning in several national monuments managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Specializing in Conservation Planning at Bren, Jonathan’s post-graduate career goal is to continue developing strategies that jointly maximize benefits to people and biodiversity on public lands. As a Forest Sustainability Fellow, he hopes to explore the potential of emerging technologies to deliver real-time, landscape level data to forest managers in order to better inform management decisions.

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