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José Zenteno

Jose Zenteno

PhD Student

Bren Hall 1310

MESM, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UC Santa Barbara; BS Marine Biology, Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile

With the continuous rise in seafood demand, aquaculture is becoming an important alternative livelihood in coastal communities, especially in developing countries. However, there are concerns about the potential impacts that expanding aquaculture may have on coastal ecosystems and communities. How best to implement sustainable aquaculture is the topic of ongoing discussion. José is investigating the interactions among aquaculture, coastal ecosystems, and communities, and how to develop aquaculture systems that are both productive and sustainable. He plans to study the social and ecological performance of aquaculture in developing countries, and develop a framework for evaluating the effects of coastal aquaculture on local ecosystems and communities in Latin America. He hopes that his research will contribute a tool for to better evaluate coastal aquaculture farms in data- and resource-poor environments; facilitate the inclusion of science into industry and policy decisions; and improve management of coastal aquaculture systems in developing countries.

Year Admitted

Research Areas
coastal aquaculture, marine ecology, vulnerability, marine spatial planning

Faculty Advisors
Steve Gaines and Hunter Lenihan

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