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Julia Field

Pronouns: she/her

Julia Field graduated from the University of California Channel Islands with a B.S. in Sociology (2020) focused on qualitative data collection techniques and research methods. Prior to joining Bren, Julia served as Director of Operations for Ventura Brush Goats, a livestock business that uses rotational grazing of sheep and goats for fire fuel mitigation and habitat restoration. She has worked with organizations such as the Ventura County Resource Conservation District, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, and countless private land holding entities on ground breaking land regeneration projects using traditional pastoral techniques. Working with the Ventura County Fire Department and the Ojai Valley Fire Safe Council, she participated in the creation of a "Community Supported Grazing Program" designed to protect the entire Ojai Valley from wildfire while creating a replicable model for other communities. Her knowledge has revolved around land management prescriptions for stormwater collection, soil health restoration, commercial scale regenerative agriculture, and ecological enhancement. At Bren, she plans to specialize in Water Resources Management and/or Conservation Planning. Julia is passionate about finding innovative ways of mitigating damage to communities and ecosystems following severe weather events brought on by a changing climate.

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