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Kaley Dodson

Kaley Dodson has spent the past four years working with the Northern Sierra Partnership (NSP), a collaborative initiative comprising five conservation organizations. As the Deputy Campaign Director, she has helped coordinate NSP’s joint fundraising campaigns and supported the protection and stewardship of the region north of Lake Tahoe. Prior to joining the Partnership, Kaley graduated from Stanford University (2014) with a B.S. in Earth Systems. During her undergraduate career, she focused her coursework on environmental policy and co-authored a paper titled “All Over the Map: The Diversity of Western Water Plans,” which was published in the California Journal of Politics and Policy. After graduation, Kaley served as an AmeriCorps Volunteer with Sequoia Riverlands Trust in Visalia, CA. There, she was introduced to the conservation field and became interested in the connection between land protection and management and water resources. At Bren, Kaley is focusing her studies on both Conservation Planning and the Economics and Policy of the Environment. She aims to build her technical skillset, explore the way collaborative initiatives can improve watershed management, and train for a career centered on protecting and managing natural resources.    

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