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Karla Garibay Garcia

Karla Garibay Garcia graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Karla built strong analytical and creative-problem solving skills by applying concepts from her degree into her undergraduate research at the Salk Institute of Biological Sciences. Upon graduation, her love for the environment and her curiosity to better understand the interconnectedness of our world, led her to work on the intersection of California and Latin American climate, tropical forest and air quality policy as part of Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Global Climate Program in Sacramento, CA. Karla became a strong advocate for integrating diversity, equity, inclusion and environmental justice into EDF’s work. She is humbled by the opportunity to have partnered with and learned from Indigenous peoples from around the world throughout her tenure at EDF. Looking to get more experience in advocacy, Karla joined Priority Strategies, a public interest lobbying and consulting firm working with some of the leading equitable access and environmental nonprofits in California. Karla will remain in this role throughout her time at Bren, as well as further her work on marine conservation through a position with Azul, a grassroots organization working with Latinx communities to protect marine resources. Specializing in Coastal Marine Resources Management and Conservation Planning at the Bren School, Karla hopes to build on her professional experience and better integrate environmental justice, science, policy and politics into California and Latin America’s natural resource conservation and climate policies.

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