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Kate Shoemaker

Kate Shoemaker graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Kate’s undergraduate classes, supplemented with her work experience, ignited an interest in how the private sector can better the environment. In college, Kate worked for an environmentally conscious fishery and seafood company and saw first-hand how they put environmental concerns before profit. Junior year, Kate conducted research on the health and resilience of coral reef ecosystems in Thailand and observed a different culture’s relationship to its natural environment. After graduation, Kate pursued experience in the nonprofit world through working for the Surfrider Foundation in San Diego. She worked as a liaison between corporations and Surfrider, and made the nonprofit's mission relevant to these companies. Kate saw the potential for change in the private sector and now intends to pursue the Corporate Environmental Management Concentration at Bren. Combining this concentration, with the Strategic Environmental Communications Focus, Kate hopes to make environmental solutions available to corporations across various industries.

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