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Kelsie Fronheiser

Kelsie Fronheiser graduated cum laude from Towson University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. During her undergraduate career she held the office of Vice President of Academics for Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society. After studying abroad in Peru, Kelsie decided she needed to experience life and cultures in other parts of the world. After graduation she traveled solo to 8 countries across the globe, during which time she volunteered at a South African wildlife reserve and an Asian elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Once home, she went into environmental education, to teach younger generations how to be environmentally conscious in their daily decision-making. Kelsie enrolled at the Bren school to expand her knowledge and strengthen her ability to make a larger contribution to conservation. She will be specializing in conservation planning and economics and politics to create effective conservation policy backed by scientific research. She plans to focus on strategic environmental communication to implement policy with public support through effective communication. She hopes to help facilitate the creation of a network in which scientists and policy makers work together to create and enact transparent environmental policy with the goal of providing for future generations. 

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