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Kennedy Flavin

Pronouns: she/her

Kennedy Flavin graduated from the University of Utah in 2021 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Environmental & Sustainability Science and Political Science (emphasis in Air, Water, and Health) and a minor in Earth Sciences. During her undergraduate career, Kennedy served on the Associated Students of University of Utah’s Sustainability Board, where she organized Climate Change Anxiety Discussions and led advocacy efforts to preserve the Great Salt Lake. In addition, Kennedy played on the University of Utah Division one women’s lacrosse team and was the vice president of operations for the team. 
In 2020, Kennedy was the policy intern for a non-profit called Save Our Canyons. In this position, she honed her skills crafting actionable comments before various councils, commissions and boards. She was passionate about pushing public policies such as “Transits to Trails”, which encourages inclusive recreation and transportation access within the canyons by implementing more affordable bus systems. 
At Bren, Kennedy plans to pursue a Master’s in Coastal Marine Resources Management with a focus on Strategic Environmental Communication. She aims to study and be involved in improving the functionality of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), especially in regards to restoring shark populations and reducing/stopping shark finning practices.

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