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Kristin Art

Pronouns: she/her

Before joining the Bren School, Kristin worked at the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) on an applied research team that utilized both monitoring and modeling to study the environmental impact of wastewater effluent on the San Francisco estuary. During her time at SFEI, she managed and supported long-term water quality monitoring, genomic analysis of phytoplankton communities, and phycotoxin monitoring in mussel tissues. Kristin received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2019. There, she assisted research on the growth and toxicity of various phytoplankton species. 
While Kristin’s previous experiences all affirmed her desire to protect the environment through her career, she is shifting her professional focus toward corporate environmental footprints. She is particularly interested in advancing the transparency, accountability, and regulation of policies related to commodity-driven deforestation and is specializing in Corporate Environmental Management.

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