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Lars Nelson

Pronouns: he/him

My connection with nature and my love of stories have always been central to my identity. These threads in my character lead me forward as a conservation communicator. I see countless stories in nature and I seek to share them. Conservation, as I see it, is a matter of our ability to coexist with a natural landscape and at its cornerstone is our relationship to that landscape. Our stories are so deeply intertwined. It is thus critical to the futures of people and wildlife to consider how our relationships allow for cohabitation. My goals are to use media to promote conservation advocacy by exploring how people’s relationships with wildlife influence species’ futures.

To this end, I earned a BA in Filmmaking from Emerson College (2013) and a BS in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Washington (2019). The roles I have worked in to advance my career include educator, naturalist, biological field technician, and assistant on reality TV programs.

I seek from the Bren School to bridge my backgrounds in conservation and communication by studying interdisciplinary approaches to solving environmental issues, project development and execution, and science communication. I will specialize in Conservation Planning, focusing in Strategic Environmental Communication to accomplish this aim.

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