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Lauren Skube

Lauren Skube graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2019 with a degree in Biological Sciences. During her undergraduate career, Lauren worked as a lab intern under Associate Research Biologist Jenny Dugan at the Marine Science Institute. In her fourth year, she studied abroad in Queensland, Australia where she conducted research supported by Heron Island Research Station on the relationship between coral structure and reef fish biodiversity.  Lauren also completed research on intertidal invertebrates, specifically a group of marine worms called echiurans, supported by Moreton Bay Research Station. After graduating early, Lauren spent time traveling abroad. During her travels, Lauren witnessed unique environmental problems that countries all over the world are confronted with, many of which stem from large corporations. Seeing these problems first-hand prompted her to pursue a career focused on environmental preservation. At the Bren School, Lauren plans to specialize in Corporate Environmental Management with a focus in Strategic Environmental Communication and Media. She hopes to work with companies in the private sector to help improve environmental management practices and innovate climate solutions.   

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