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Leana Goetze

Leana Goetze is particularly interested in conservation biology and would like to focus on analyzing and mapping spatial data to enhance conservation efforts. Leana graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Davis in 2014. Upon graduation, her desire to work with animals led her to the field of primatology, where she was involved in studying primate social behavior for over five years. After working both in laboratory animal research and veterinary medicine, Leana shifted focus and accepted an internship with the Planning and Conservation League in Sacramento, where she worked in policy advocacy and outreach to support legislation that focused on preserving California’s natural environment. Throughout this internship, Leana recognized that there is a great need to protect wildlife against the pressures of human land use. While specializing in Conservation Planning with a focus in Environmental Data Science from the Bren school, Leana is especially interested in quantitatively measuring the effects of habitat loss on wildlife health with the hopes of using such data to preserve biodiversity.

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