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Lizzy Schattle

Lizzy Schattle graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (2018) with a Bachelor of Science and Arts in Biology. As a Forest Sustainability Fellow at the Bren School, she hopes to develop forest management strategies that benefit all those who use the forest. At the University of Texas, she focused on marine research and conducted projects to investigate the impact of tourism on seagrass beds in Akumal, Mexico, and to determine the impact Hurricane Harvey had on phytoplankton in the Gulf of Mexico. Her ecological experience with marine plants motivated her to continue to study how plants are affected by their environment. After graduation, she worked as a technician at the University of Utah studying the effects of drought and climate change on forest ecosystems. Most recently, Lizzy was the lead botanist for a crew surveying post-burn forest fuels and vegetation in eastern Oregon for Oregon State University. She believes that forests belong to everyone and seeks to continue working to ensure the health and longevity of our forests. Lizzy is specializing in Conservation Planning at the Bren School with a focus on Environmental Data Science and Strategic Environmental Communication and Media.

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