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Madison Calbert

Pronouns: she/her

Madison Calbert earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara (2019). During her undergraduate career, she worked as a restoration technician at the Cheadle Center, where she discovered her passion for California’s native flora and fauna. Following her graduation, Madison worked as a wildlife biologist and botanist in the environmental consulting sector. Over the course of three years, she provided biological consultation on a variety of projects across California. Madison’s expertise includes biological and botanical surveys, special-status species assessments, and construction monitoring and reporting. Her work with endangered and threatened wildlife inspired her to pursue a graduate program with an emphasis in conservation planning. At the Bren School, Madison is interested in studying management strategies to preserve California’s biodiversity and protect endangered species. Her research interests include examining the impacts of climate change on endangered and threatened wildlife. Ultimately, Madison plans to establish her own biological consulting firm to play a pivotal role in conserving natural resources in our rapidly developing world.

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