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Marie Bouffard

Marie Bouffard grew up in the mountains of Vermont where she developed a passion for nature. She decided to combine her drive for environmental conservation and love of writing to study science communication at Villanova University where she graduated in 2017. After graduating, Marie went on to work in science communication as an environmental journalist, outdoor educator, and finally project manager for NASA’s DEVELOP program. Working for NASA DEVELOP, a program dedicated to addressing environmental policy questions through interdisciplinary research, allowed her to dive into geospatial analysis and apply her science communication skills. She worked with government and non-profit groups on conservation projects such as mapping a biological corridor for jaguars in Costa Rica and finding optimal locations for coral reef restoration. Marie chose to come to the Bren School and specialize in Conservation Planning to further her career goals of addressing environmental issues through the application of geospatial science, policy, and community engagement. She is also pursuing the Strategic Environmental Communication and Media focus because of her love for science communication and her belief that an engaged public is critical to scientific collaboration and improving the way our society interacts with the environment.

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