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Marina Feraud

headshot of Marina Feraud

PhD Student

Bren Hall 2027

MESM UC Santa Barbara
BS Chemical Engineering, Buenos Aires Technological Institute

Marina is broadly interested in green bioinfiltration systems that are increasingly being implemented to mitigate stormwater pollution. Her doctoral research focuses on evaluating the extent to which pollutants such as heavy metals accumulate in soils of bioinfiltration systems, and understanding how this affects soil microbial populations mediating beneficial biogeochemical processes such as nitrogen cycling, Marina previously contributed to research evaluating sewer exfiltration and contamination potential of urban shallow groundwater. Prior to her arrival to the US, she earned a chemical engineering degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires (ITBA) in Argentina and worked for five years in the pharmaceutical industry as an analyst in the areas of Safety and Environment and Quality Assurance. Before joining the PhD community, Marina earned a Master of Environmental Science and Management, with a pollution prevention and remediation focus, from the Bren School at UCSB.

Year Admitted

Research Areas
Stormwater pollution, green infrastructure, heavy metals, nitrogen cycling 

Faculty Advisor
Patricia Holden

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