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Matt Koller

Matthew Koller, a first-year master’s student, graduated from Villanova University (2010) with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Business. Upon graduating, he worked for several years as a financial analyst for a big-city law firm and briefly considered attending law school. Instead, he chose to spend the ensuing years traveling, learning, and writing. He has worked as a whale-watching and naturalist photography guide in Maui and southeast Alaska, a photojournalist for a regional newspaper in Monterey, and an environmental educator teaching middle schoolers about the outdoors through birdwatching. As a non-scientist interested in the natural world, he understands the importance of reporting and communicating complex scientific issues to both important stakeholders and the general public and is keen on making himself a more informed, credible, and effective communicator. Matt is interested in the impact of energy consumption on climate change, and, in turn, how climate change affects glacial accumulation, snowpack, and water availability. At the Bren School, he intends to specialize in energy and climate and water resources management with a focus in strategic communications.  

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