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Mauricio Collado

Nestor Collado has always been aware of Peruvian economic struggles: why does a country with so many natural resources face such persistent poverty and inequality? While studying economics at the Universidad del Pacifico of Peru (2010), he found some answers and that environmental concerns can be turned into development opportunities. After a year, he left a finances advisory position to pursue his questions about natural resources economics. The presentation of his most impactful study (“Fishing Rights: the case of Peruvian Anchoveta”) at the University of Cambridge motivated him to accept bigger challenges in Academia and, later, in Public Sector (Ministry of Environment of Peru). His experience with multidisciplinary teams and different environmental issues taught him the value of scientific evidence as an ally for better decision-making.  Nestor ́s research focuses on designing models that analyze and link economic, social and environmental indicators. However, he maintains a focus on fisheries and, in 2018; he published a paper, “Examination of the Peruvian Anchovy Individual Vessel Quota System”, in the Marine Policy Journal. Specializing in Coastal-Marine Resources Management and Economics and Politics of the Environment at Bren School, Nestor hopes to close the gap between science and policy making in Peruvian fisheries.

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