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Pronouns: she/her    

Michaela Galarza’s affinity for the outdoors blossomed during her formative years as she explored the untamed forest adjacent to her childhood home. Translating her passion into a career, she successfully earned her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geology and Environmental Studies from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in 2023. As an undergraduate student, she served as a Sustainability Ambassador within CWRU’s Office of Energy and Sustainability, dedicating her efforts to enhancing compost and recycling programs. Michaela also conducted geoscience research, where she focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the timing and mechanisms underlying the rise of the Andes Mountains and their relationship with ancient climate. Following graduation, she assumed a full-time role as a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Intern at Sanofi. Her responsibilities entailed initiating a comprehensive biodiversity management plan and conducting permit compliance assessments. This experience exposed her to the management approaches employed by corporations to mitigate their environmental impacts. As she embarks on her journey at Bren, specializing in Business and Sustainability, Michaela aspires to learn more about the management strategies that corporations can implement that account for environmental and economic objectives.

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