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Mike (Ruiheng) Jin

Growing up in Beijing, Ruiheng Jin witnessed how much human activities could harm the environment. His family, however, taught him to conserve resources; therefore he developed a sense of stewardship for natural resources from a young age. Initially he shied away from pursuing a career in solving environmental issues in China. Instead, he followed his passion for animals and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Animal Biology at UC Davis, from where he graduated in 2018. During his undergraduate years, he conducted independent research on the collective emergence behavior of Mexican free-tailed bats - although it satisfied his curiosity for science, he wished his research could have more application for solving anthropogenic issues. He realized that biological research is not ultimately fulfilling for him, and decided to pursue a career in environmental management. Now as a MESM student at Bren school, he hopes to gain a better understanding of unfamiliar subjects such as environmental policy, economics, business, while bringing a unique perspective from his background in biological sciences. He plans to specialize in Corporate Environmental Management, and eventually take his training back to his home country to develop better incentives for firms to reduce emission.

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