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Mikel Irigoyen

Mikel Irigoyen graduated cum laude from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) in 2020 obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in GIS. During his undergraduate career, Mikel conducted dendrochronology research looking at tree cores from the Eastern Sierra to determine a relationship between elevation gain and climate change effects. He worked in UCSC’s Sustainability Office, where he led programs and events that involved and educated the student body on applicable sustainability topics, as well as spending time with the National Park Service doing restoration ecology field work. At the Bren School, Mikel is specializing in Water Resources Management with hopes of pursuing a career that addresses domestic water security needs in underprivileged communities. As a first generation college student, Mikel aspires to be a role model and resource for others in a similar situation. 

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