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Nakoa Farrant

headshot of Nakoa Farrant

PhD Student

Bren Hall 3007

BS, Environmental Science and Engineering, Harvard University

Agriculture currently places immense strain on a range of ecosystems, and its impacts will become increasingly apparent with demand from a growing population. Nakoa Farrant plans to utilize GIS tools to investigate approaches to agriculture that enhance productivity and reduce ecological harm. He is interested in exploring how modern adaptations of the agricultural systems developed by indigenous people in a given landscape could provide insight into more sustainable food production on a regional basis. Summer internships and volunteer work have exposed him to the food systems that Native Hawaiians designed centuries ago to nourish themselves without destroying the environment. While at Bren, he aims to optimize land management in the context of geographically-constrained areas, and hopes that research will be scalable to agricultural decisions in larger swaths of land.

Year Admitted

Research Areas
Food security in island communities, integrated agriculture and aquaculture systems, and bioculture resource management.

Faculty Advisor
Ashley Larsen

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