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Oksana Protsukha

Pronouns: she/her

Oksana is pursuing a Master's degree at Bren School to align her career with her passion for environmental data science within the energy sector. She also holds an MBA from San Francisco State University and a Master's degree from Kyiv University of Information Technologies. Raised in Ukraine, she recognized the significance of energy independence early on.

Prior to coming to Bren Oksana worked at Tesla Inc. as a Technical Product Manager with accounting and fin-tech applications for over eight years. During her time there, she collaborated closely with the supercharging and energy products teams, further solidifying her aspiration to transition into the energy sector. Simultaneously, her engagement with data as a product manager nurtured her interest in data science.

In 2020, Oksana, an avid hiker and nature enthusiast, took a one year break to explore global trails, deepening her appreciation for the environment. Her goal is to leverage her past expertise and newly acquired knowledge to address intricate energy data challenges, driving the advancement of sustainable and inclusive energy solutions.

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