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Olivia (Liv) Hemond

Pronouns: she/her

Olivia Hemond graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Environmental Biology. As an undergraduate, she explored environmental change and its effects on ecosystems and society. She also developed an interest in environmental data science and geospatial analysis. Using these tools, Olivia wrote her senior thesis on the spatial connectivity of California wildfires, and later conducted independent research on agricultural consolidation and resource use. Interested not only in describing environmental problems but also in assessing solutions, she interned with Carbon180 to research the scientific and political feasibility of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Olivia worked as an English teacher in Spain, advancing her Spanish skills to better connect and communicate with others. Most recently, Olivia worked as an environmental analyst at Eastern Research Group, Inc. There, she supported projects on toxic chemical releases, environmental justice, and climate change communications for the U.S. EPA.

At the Bren School, Olivia is studying climate change impacts and adaptation strategies, both across natural landscapes and within urban areas. She hopes to specialize in Conservation Planning and Energy and Climate. In addition, Olivia will explore issues in forest management and wildfire resilience as a Forest Sustainability Fellow. After Bren, she plans to work on climate adaptation planning and nature-based solutions for climate resilience.

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