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Peter Alagona

Peter Alagona

Affiliated Faculty

Faculty in Environmental Studies and History Departments

Bren Hall 4013


Peter Alagona received his PhD from UCLA in 2006, and held postdoctoralĀ positions at Harvard and Stanford universities before arriving at UCSB in 2009. He is now a professor in the Environmental Studies Program, with affiliations in the departments of History and Geography, the InterdepartmentalĀ Graduate Program in Marine Science, and the Bren School.


Peter Alagona is an environmental historian and conservation scientist whose work explores what happens when humans share space and resources (their habitats) with other species: how we interact with non-human creatures, how we make sense of these interactions, why we fight so much about them, what we can learn from them, and how we might use these lessons to foster a more just, peaceful, humane, and sustainable society. He has written widely on human relations with wild animals, including endangered species, urban wildlife, and bears.

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