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Rachel Rhodes

Rachel Rhodes graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University in 2012 with a double major in International Relations and Environmental Studies. She has over five years of experience working at solar technology companies in the Bay Area. After Rachel rediscovered her love of surfing and ocean photography, she decided to change directions. She utilized the customer service skills she had learned in solar to pursue her long-term passion of ocean conservation. She then worked as an administrative assistant for NOAA’s Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and as a communications and development coordinator for their non-profit partner, Greater Farallones Association. Rachel collaborated with program managers to identify their funding needs and created compelling stories for fundraising appeals, monthly newsletters, and social media campaigns. She continued to develop her communication and outreach skills through volunteer work as co-chair of the San Francisco Chapter of Surfrider and as a member of the screening committee for the International Ocean Film Festival. At the Bren School, Rachel is excited to learn new communication techniques and hopes to develop innovative solutions to reducing our dependency on single-use plastic. She is specializing in Coastal Marine Resource Management with a focus in Strategic Environmental Communication and Media. 

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