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Ridhima Chaudhuri

Pronouns: she/her

Ridhima Chaudhuri graduated from National Institute of Technology Surat, India in 2017 with a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering. During her undergraduate career, Ridhima interned with Reliance Industries where she performed a case study in the gas cracker unit, thereby inculcating skills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial sector. Upon graduating, she started working for SRF Limited, a specialty chemical and refrigerant gas industry, as a process engineer in India. During her tenure, she helped reduce environmental pollution through various projects. One such project focused on designing a caustic scrubber to pass the tail gases before releasing them into the atmosphere. Ridhima’s interest in working for environmental sustainability peaked when she discovered the complex intersection between nature and society. In addition, she worked in Abu Dhabi for Yokogawa as a process engineer, where she completed various projects for oil refineries. Having worked in the industrial sector, she observed firsthand the negative impact of factory waste on local communities and was deeply impacted by the severe health issues she saw stemming from the contaminated groundwater and the toxic environment. These experiences shaped her viewpoint that nature and society face a common threat—irreversible environmental degradation. At the Bren School, Ridhima will specialize in Corporate Environmental Management and Energy and Climate which will help her to work at the nexus of technology and sustainability. With this background, she will strive to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.

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