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Roxana Lagunas

Pronouns: she/her

Roxana graduated from UCSB in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science and an emphasis in Geohydrology. After graduation, Roxana joined the USGS Kansas Water Science Center, where she conducted water quality field work in rural and urban rivers in Eastern Kansas. She was involved in monitoring and analyzing public time-series data at various field sites. Through field work, Roxana learned to use first-hand observations as a tool in data collection and analysis.
As an undergraduate, Roxana’s interest in environmental justice led to her internship at the Environmental Policy Innovation Center. There she completed a research paper about community and environmental response to changes in energy demand from coal in Appalachia. She also communicated with leaders in government and non-profit organizations to learn about their successes and limitations in reclaiming abandoned coal mines.
At the Bren School, Roxana is pursuing a Masters of Environmental Science and Management with a specialization in Water Resource Management. In her future career, Roxana wants to develop community-based solutions to improve the management of water resources in areas vulnerable to natural disasters.

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