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Ruoyu Wang

Ruoyu Wang, awarded with Top Ten Exemplar in University, graduated from Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, China (2019) with a bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Science. After observing the quick air quality deterioration in her hometown Zhengzhou, she decided to choose environmental science as her life-long career. During her undergraduate study, she conducted research in local water quality monitoring and gained firsthand experience in water sampling and analysis. In one of the group projects she led, Ruoyu designed and completed an experiment factoring in the effects of environmental contamination to better simulate the natural condition during the adsorption removing pollutants process. In her bachelor’s dissertation, she studied the transport and transformation of certain chemicals among the soil-plant-human system by cultivating mushrooms on special substrates and evaluating intake health risk. Ruoyu specializes in Pollution Prevention and Remediation with an Environmental Data Science focus at the Bren School. Her long-term goal is to work for an environmental consulting company. She aspires to develop solutions on pollution control during engineering construction and alleviating environmental issues caused by specific or mixed contaminators. 


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