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Sabrina Molina Ramos

Pronouns: she/her

Sabrina, a first-generation college graduate, obtained her Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in 2020. She aims to combine social studies with scientific research to support environmental justice. Her interdisciplinary formation allowed her to participate in multidisciplinary projects. As an undergrad, she engaged in Participatory Action Research, collaborating with rural and indigenous communities to strengthen local resource management. She also conducted GIS mapping to analyze land use changes in Natural Protected Areas. After graduation, she worked as a Park Ranger in the Caribbean, monitoring whale sharks and capacitating local communities in marine resources management. More recently, as an Environmental Consultant, she managed circular economy projects and gained experience in corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting.
Sabrina’s experience deepened her belief that science’s purpose is to build inclusive and sustainable solutions and motivated her to pursue a master’s at Bren. She plans to specialize in Coastal Resources Management and Business and Sustainability, with a Communication focus. After graduation, she hopes to collaborate in climate-smart projects on coastal systems, enhancing local prosperity and resilience.

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