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Sachi Shiroma

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Sachi Shiroma is a master’s student in Environmental Science and Management, who recently graduated from San Jose State University in December 2020. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Sociology with a concentration of Race and Ethnic Studies. During her undergrad, Sachi took courses that helped influence her decision to pursue an environmental career. She did research about various environmental issues affecting the health of underserved communities, including Native American tribes in the U.S. Upon graduation, she realized that obtaining a master’s degree in environmental science would give her the necessary knowledge and skills for her environmental justice career. Seeing the creek in her hometown become heavily polluted by the nearby PG&E plant, no longer being able to enjoy what the creek once had to offer, Sachi felt the importance of protecting other land and bodies of water that are being used as a vital resource for communities. She chose to specialize in Pollution Prevention and Remediation in order to understand how to help disenfranchised communities, such as Native American tribes. She believes with strategic policy implementation these tribes will not have to sacrifice their culture and ways of living.

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