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Sadie Armstrong

Pronouns: she/her

Sadie’s love of nature began at a young age, where learning to view the natural world as a teacher and friend grew into a deep passion for environmental stewardship. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2023 with Interdisciplinary Honors in General Biology and with a minor in Environmental Science and Resource Management. As an undergraduate, Sadie’s studies covered a range of subjects from limnology to science for social justice. In these classes, she explored the relationship between humans and the environment, specifically how one’s identity and background affects the way they interact with the Earth. During her junior year Sadie volunteered on various phytoremediation projects, using hybrid willow propagations to break down organic pollutants in the soil. Additionally, she interned with a nonprofit that provided accessible energy education through a free online curriculum, where she experienced the impacts of successful environmental communication. Sadie feels incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue growing as a learner and environmentalist at Bren. She intends to specialize in Pollution Prevention & Remediation and focus in Strategic Environmental Communication. In her career, Sadie aims to reduce the environmental footprint of consumer goods to make sustainable living more accessible regardless of one’s background.


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