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Sadie Cwikiel

Pronouns: she/her

BS, Earth Systems, Stanford University
MS, Earth Systems, Stanford University

Year Admitted

Research Areas
climate change, marine ecology, oceanography, fisheries

Faculty Advisors
Sam Stevenson

Sadie Cwikiel works at the nexus between climate science, marine ecology, and policy and is interested in using climate models to better understand the impact of inter-annual variability of climate change on ocean systems. She wants to investigate how large-scale climate patterns impact coral reef and other marine ecology and fisheries, and determine how this knowledge can be applied to policy and community-based management solutions to help mitigate these impacts and support ocean resilience. Prior to joining the Bren School, Sadie earned Master of Science (‘20) and Bachelor of Science with Honors (‘19) degrees from Stanford University in Earth Systems. Her past research includes investigating the oceanographic impacts of El Niño in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, the influence of parrotfish abundance and diversity on algae and coral cover in Hawaii, and the differing responses of various coral species to experimental heat stress in Palau. Since graduating from Stanford, she has also researched and written for various projects on the impact of plastics on marine mammals, interdisciplinary nature-based climate change solutions, and the efficacy of large scale marine protected areas. Sadie has also worked to develop, manage, and quantify emission reduction projects and low carbon fuel pathways in compliance and voluntary markets. She is passionate about environmental policy, advocacy, and effective science communication. Sadie hopes to become a holistic environmental expert and leader in interdisciplinary climate and ocean research, policy, and management.

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