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Sage Davis

headshot of Sage Davis

Director, R & D Engineering & Building Systems


Bren Hall 1021


Sage Davis is a MESM 2024 graduate of the Bren School looking to specialize in energy and climate in relation to buildings. He is a Santa Barbara with a long history of environmental proactivity that began in elementary school. His first job was with the Community Environmental Council (CEC) on their Santa Barbara City curbside recycling program deployment. He graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Davis in 1995, specializing in energy and mechanical design. After graduating, Sage designed energy efficient heating and cooling systems for buildings at the Davis Energy Group. He honed his problem solving, project management, and practical engineering skills during his ten years working with small manufacturing companies designing and fabricating equipment. Sage later worked as a project manager on a new $10M home which included solar water heating, hydronic radiant floor heating, passive solar heating and natural lighting. His ten-year employment at the Bren School as the building engineer integrates his career and educational experiences while supporting the environmental science field. Since 2005, Sage has been a key production staff member of the CEC Santa Barbara Earth Day, educating the community about alternative transportation. He enjoys cycling to work and for recreation.


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