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Sage Kime

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MESM 2022

Sage has a B.A in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara (2018). Combining specializations in Energy and Climate and Economics and Politics of the Environment, Sage hopes to research environmental justice issues and help implement policies to promote a more equitable future. Sage’s goal is to bring environmental justice into mainstream environmental discussions and policy; she believes equity and justice should be at the forefront of all environmental decision-making. During undergrad, Sage studied the ways environmental risks and impacts disproportionately affect marginalized communities. Upon graduation, she researched the intersections between environmental injustice and prison labor while working as a research assistant for the Global Environmental Justice Project. After completing her research, she worked at a local solar company gaining experience in project management and the renewable energy industry. Sage witnessed how those who are most impacted by the effects of carbon emissions were least likely to benefit from the advantages of renewable energy. This experience highlighted the inequality that exists in the renewable energy industry and reaffirmed her passion for the environmental justice field. Sage came to Bren to further her environmental education and pursue her goals of bringing an environmental justice lens to broader environmental topics. Post-graduation, she hopes to combine research and policy work to amplify the voices of our most vulnerable populations.

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