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Sam Fearer

Sam Fearer, a first-year master’s student, graduated cum laude from Westmont College in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Through exploration and physical interaction within the landscapes of the arid west, Sam gained exposure to a broad array of user and management groups united through a shared interest in the nation’s natural resources. Observing the tensions and stakes at play in such dynamics, he was inspired to take personal action. Following graduation, Sam committed himself to gaining exposure to the local environmental field through both employment and volunteerism. Performing environmental compliance work throughout the greater Los Angeles construction industry provided Sam with insight into the way that policy can impact industry and individuals alike on a local level. In addition to his employment, Sam volunteered at his local land conservancy, where he managed a plot of land while restoring habitat for the federally endangered Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly. His efforts with the organization earned him an Outstanding Volunteer award and exposed him to the challenges and demands of conservation management. At the Bren School, Sam is specializing in pollution prevention and remediation, with an emphasis in strategic environmental communication. In harnessing the power of scientific narrative and systems analysis, Sam hopes to guide corporations towards a future of greater efficiency and reduced waste production.

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